The Fleet Management System

AviatorOne – The Fleet Management System


  • Fully Integrated Solution
  • Sustainable
  • Field-tested
  • Flexible Data Design
  • Highly experienced and diversified team

AviatorOne is probably one of the most comprehensive and versatile business aviation fleet management software packages available. AviatorOne provides operators with a complete view of their operations and is already used by some of the leading business aviation fleet operators around the world.

The integrated AviatorOne package covers all commercial and operational tasks, from scheduling and dispatching of aircraft to crew management and invoicing. It is suitable for use by large and small operators, whether they run a commercial business or a private fleet.

Our open and responsive attitude ensures progressive enhancement of the software to meet the unique needs of our customers. We also work with partner organisations to bring additional functionality to AviatorOne through our fully integrated add-ons.

The AviatorOne Fleet Management System is available in three version:

  • Starter Edition (SE) – the starter kit
  • Pro Edition (PE) – the customized version
  • Enterprise Edition (EE) – the all-included package

Download the AviatorOne Brochure here:


» AviatorOne Brochure (print)
» AviatorOne Brochure (interactive)

The Core

The core of AviatorOne provides all the tools you need to manage your aircraft, flight crew, trips and clients. A range of reports and templates are also available so you can generate all necessary legal documentation and post-trip reports.

The core includes the following features:

Master Data Management

Manage all of the information related to your employees, aircraft, and service providers (such as FBOs and fuel suppliers). The software can manage credit cards (such as fuel cards) at the crew, passenger and aircraft level. Worldwide airport data is also available.

Trip Folder Management

A customer-specific dossier that includes such items as the quote, options, route mapping and schedules. Owner flights can also be specified and reported as required. The Trip Folder contains such flight-related details as crew and aircraft scheduling, alternate airport mapping, permission mapping and handling requests.

Document Management

Stores all pre- and post-flight data and related documents. This module can be used to make offers, confirm orders and invoice clients. Support for multi-lingual trip documents is also provided. Once an order is processed, all related documents are automatically generated.

Post Flight Data Storage

Includes all journey and technical logs and related documentation.

Crew Licensing
Management & Control

A JAR FCL template which can be used as a universal model for other aviation authorities.

Crew Duty Plan

This tool covers all crew planning requirements, including automatic crew assignment.

Crew Duty Time Control

Automatically provides EUOPS Subpart Q data on flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements.

Aircraft Document
Management & Control

Stores and controls all aircraft-related documents, including insurances and airworthiness certificates.

Report Center:

Generates reports on-demand. These include:

  • Simple address, telephone, employee and airport lists.

  • Such crew data as pilot logbooks, duty time plans and records, crew rosters, details of crew checks, training and expiring licenses.

  • Aircraft data: trip and leg summaries, schedules, flight logs and data needed to comply with the European Union’s Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)

  • Airport-specific data, including provider pricelists.

  • Statistics which can be filtered according to your requirements. For example, financial reports are available for both aircraft and customers.

Time Line

Displays comprehensive trip data, including options and booked flights. This module also shows whether your aircraft are airborne or on the ground.

White Board

Linked to the trip folder and leg status, this module provides a comprehensive range of data such as operational flight plan (OFP) numbers.

Special Functions

This module includes an alerting system that is triggered by any irregularity (for example, expiring crew licences or checks, a lack of an appropriate visa for crew or passengers, and expiring aircraft documents). The module can also be used to create a ‘to do’ list for a given date or person. Checklists can be created for company-specific procedures for each leg of the trip.

Templates and Data

The core includes a number of templates and standard documents:

  • JAR FCL Templat

  • Standard trip documents (in English) including quotes, confirmation and invoices

  • Summaries of different aircraft types

  • Airport specific data such as daylight saving times, service providers and  navigation database.